Show at Honolulu’s Ward’s Rafters

IMG_2681Saturday night brought us to the fascinating Ward’s Rafters. This beautiful performance venue built in the spacious attic of the Ward family estate in Honolulu has hosted more than 1,000 concert events during the last 21 years! Incredible. Guests are by invitation only. This is truly one of the somewhat secret treasures of Honolulu.

Special thanks to Dr. Larry Ward for hosting us and to the wonderful crowd who came out to enjoy Laura’s “Tribute to the Great Ladies of Song” show. We met several couples who were turned away at last night’s sold out Medici’s show who were able to secure a seat for tonight. What dedicated supporters!

This completes the six events in our 2015 Hawaii Tour. We have had a wonderful vacation mixed in with the performing. It’s always hard to leave this paradise, but we’ll look forward to a break at home and moving on to our next adventures.

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