Because of the current global pandemic, Laura & Bill’s in-person performances are on hiatus. But you can still enjoy their unique brand of entertainment and info-tainment by joining them on a Virtual Cruise! They have created two online cruising experiences that include musical and magical entertainment, fascinating history and regional lectures, interactive events, and much more! To learn more visit

You can book a virtual cruise of Alaska’s Inside Passage. Learn all about the amazing wildlife, geology, glaciers, and history of the Great Land all while also being entertained by Laura and Bill with music, poetry, magic and prose. Click here to book your virtual Alaskan adventure:

How about a virtual cruise to the scenic and diverse Columbia and Snake Rivers? Learn about Lewis and Clark’s epic journey, locks and dams, Native American history in the Pacific Northwest, the wine industry. You also get to enjoy musical performances, trivia quizzes, and so much more! Click the link to register for your Northwest adventure today:

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